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52 Cheap or Free Date Ideas

52 Cheap or Free Date Ideas

  1. Go bowling
  2. Play pool
  3. Play miniature golf
  4. Race Go-Karts
  5. Go hatchet throwing
  6. Go to the shooting range
  7. Do an escape room
  8. Go to an amusement park
  9. Go to a carnival
  10. Go to a circus
  11. Go to see a play/concert
  12. Play karaoke
  13. Visit a museum
  14. Visit the zoo
  15. Visit the aquarium
  16. Act like a tourist in your own town and document your day in photos
  17. Take a cooking/baking class
  18. Participate in a couples’s painting with wine class
  19. Participate in a ceramics class
  20. Learn how to salsa
  21. Learn how to line dance
  22. Go for a hike
  23. Go apple/pumpkin picking, followed by a hayride
  24. Bake an apple pie
  25. Have a pumpkin carving contest
  26. Go bike riding
  27. Go ice skating
  28. Go roller skating
  29. Go to the beach and walk the boardwalk
  30. Attend an outdoor festival
  31. Do dinner and a movie
  32. Go out for ice cream and go topping crazy
  33. Go out for sushi
  34. Go to a wine tasting event
  35. Go to a beer tasting event
  36. Attend a mixology class at a distillery and learn how to make a cocktail
  37. Go to a sporting event
  38. Go tailgating
  39. Go horseback riding
  40. Sit by the fire pit and roast marshmallows
  41. Do a couples massage
  42. Do a couples mani/pedi
  43. Explore a new town
  44. Explore a new restaurant or bar
  45. Binge watch a top rated TV show
  46. Have a game night
  47. Have a video game challenge
  48. Find a scenic place and have a picnic
  49. Go out for coffee at a cool cafe
  50. Do brunch
  51. Do volunteer work in your community
  52. Rent a dog from your local shelter and take he/she out on your next adventure (not all shelters do this, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!)