About Me

Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by and checking out Love Jennifer.

I’m Jennifer, the woman behind Love Jennifer! I’m a 30-something New Jersey travel and lifestyle blogger. I have lived in the State of New Jersey for ten years and prior to that I lived in Philadelphia, better known as the City of Brotherly Love. New Jersey is a great place to live and explore, because there’s so much to see and do … from our wineries, state parks, eateries, and beaches … you can’t help but love it here! I married my husband, Sterling, in September of 2010, and we have two daughters, ages 12 and 14.

The topics you will find me blogging about are food, travel, beauty, style, and my everyday life as a wife and mother.

My full time job is providing services to the state’s most vulnerable, while blogging is my part time job and also my escape from the monotony of my day to day tasks.

When I’m not working you can find me spending time with my family, searching the web for upcoming online auctions and estate sales, cleaning and decorating our home, reading, binge watching on a show I couldn’t find the time to watch, and usually enjoying a nice glass of wine from one of the local wineries. You’re more likely to be find me at home with my husband and girls during the week, but on the weekends we’re out exploring!

I am known to clean my home while watching/listening to YouTube’s “clean with me” videos and since I’m trying to learn Spanish, I’ve changed the language settings to help me along the way!

About the Blog

I started this blog in the spring of 2018. I currently follow a few nifty blogs that cover an array of topics and figured, ”why not start my own?” “Like really, how hard can it be? I have a lot to talk about and share.” So, this is the end result! Don’t be surprised if you see my blog changing — because as I grow and learn more about blogging, my blog will be updated to reflect that growth. Blogging is truly an art, so I hope you enjoy my blog and the content that I create.

Also, If you ever have any questions or concerns about my blog, please feel free to reach out to me via the contact section of my blog! I would love to hear and communicate with you, so leave me comments about what you thought about my posts!


Personal + Blogging Goals for 2018

Pretty soon we’ll be entering the 5th month of the year, but these are my personal and blogging goals for 2018!

My personal goals for the remainder of 2018 are:

  • To continue to explore and introduce my girls to all the world has to offer them
    • Through travel, dining, conferences designed for girls and/or young adults, etc.
  • To get more organized when it comes to preparing meals and dinner at home
    • I don’t know what it is, but every day I draw a blank, as to what I’m going to have for dinner. I usually don’t get home until evening and I’m pretty much drained from work and the travel time it takes to get home.
    • So, the goal is to find recipes that require less than five ingredients and can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.
  • To work on my fitness goals
    • I have a long list of fitness goals, but I’m convinced once I get my meals under control … I’ll be halfway there!
  • To continue to improve on my Spanish
    • I started learning Spanish when I was in high school, but that was like 20 years ago … Two years ago, I enrolled myself in the community college’s personal enrichment course for beginner and intermediate Spanish, just to get back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to have a full conversation with anyone, but it did inspire me to want to explore the language more. So, when I can, I use the Duolingo app and I also listen/watch YouTube videos on my breaks and in the car.
  • To create a financial budget that works and be able to stick to it
  • To try something new each month or do something that I love to do and haven’t done in awhile
    • For example, this month I went horseback riding for the first time in 9 years … and it brought back so many memories from my childhood and when my husband and I went horseback riding in Cancun, Mexico. The feeling was great, but I paid for it later, though – my muscles ached for a week! It was a group riding lesson that will be offered monthly at a nearby stable, so that gives me something to look forward to each month when I need to woosah!
  • To participate in more social events and meet new people
    • About six months ago, I joined a really cool social group on Facebook for women of all ages in my area. Every month they meet for Happy Hour, which gives the members a chance to meet up and form a connection. I figure, as the weather gets better, there will definitely be more to do in and around the area.

My blogging goals for the remainder of 2018 are:

  • To post new content weekly
    • I would like to post at least twice a week, let’s say Sunday and Wednesday .. but, if I can’t my secondary goal is to make sure I post new content on Sundays!
  • To work on all social media platforms attached to my blog
    • Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • To follow my blog post planner and update, as needed
  • To take quality photos and videos
    • The video portion will come later, of course … but, it is a goal of mines!
  • To participate in blogging seminars and such, to improve my blog and blogging skills.
  • To grow my blog’s content and readership

50 Things You Should Know

50 Things You Should Know


1. I love to laugh!

2. I love to watch horror movies, but you’ll never catch me watching them in the dark … and as soon as it’s over, I’m watching something funny to clear my mind.

3. I’m married.

4. I have two daughters.

5. I’m an only child and I’m not spoiled rotten, lol

6. I don’t like being the center of attention.

7. My favorite ice cream flavor is Friendly’s Forbidden Chocolate.

8. My favorite colors are brown/khaki, gray, blush, black, and white.

9. I’m always Googling something … reviews, recipes, whatever ails me, directions … you name it, I’m Googling it!

10. I never carry cash, because I’m more likely to spend it.

11. I don’t hate anyone, because it takes up too much time and energy.

12. I am obsessed with Yankee candles. I love to pair up scents and my favorites are Apricot Rose and Meadow Showers.

13. I am also obsessed with cleanliness and organization. I have to admit I wasn’t always like this, but once I got into it, it became a routine, and I LOVE IT!

14. I love cleaning products that smell good, hence, my obsession with Mrs. Meyers and Method. OMG! Totally love Mrs. Meyers honeysuckle scent and Method’s grapefruit scent!

15. I love to travel to new places. I’ve been overseas to Amsterdam and checked out the red light district, but never got the chance to visit the coffeehouse!

16. My favorite place to go hiking is Bushkill Falls in Pennsylvania.

17. My favorite wineries in New Jersey are Cream Ridge, Valenzano’s, and Laurita’s.

18. I’m from Philadelphia, PA.

19. I went to an agricultural high school and studied floriculture, but went to college and studied psychology.

20. I am an Alpha Sigma Alpha.

21. I like to meet new people in the most unconventional ways … for example, through MeetUp or a Facebook social group.

22. I can’t stand drama!

23. I don’t judge people.

24. I love to shop at estate sales and online auctions through the EstateSales.net app.

25. I enjoy listening to all types of music, as long as I can understand what they are singing about in the song.

26. I’m a foodie.

27. I love margaritas!

28. I love Tastykake Fudge Bars.

29. I don’t like to receive compliments, because it makes me feel awkward … and I don’t like to give them, unless it is truly deserved.

30. When people first meet me, they think I am mean and conceited, because I don’t smile … but, once they get to know me, their view of me starts to change.

31. I’m a good listener, as well, as a good observer.

32. I enjoy drinking black coffee, no sugar and no cream.

33. I prefer texting over talking on the phone, because I can move around and do other things.

34. I look forward to the weekends.

35. I don’t like when people take social media too seriously.

36. I would like to learn how to speak Spanish. Duolingo has helped me, but I need a little more!

37. I prefer quality over quantity.

38. I’m kind of addicted to playing Candy Crush Soda. It’s the only game I have on my phone and I’m on level 825.

39. I quit the Girl Scouts after a two week cross-country trip from Philadelphia to San Francisco in a Dodge Caravan.

40. After watching numerous YouTube videos, I still can’t highlight or contour my face to save my life!

41. My favorite fragrance is Chanel L’Eau.

42. I wear a size 13 shoe.

43. I’m tall and I still enjoy wearing a nice pair of heels. Coco Chanel said it best, “Keep your heels, head, and standards high”.

44. I have a horrible memory, that’s why I tend to write everything down.

45. I am obsessed with watching Clean With Me videos on YouTube. I don’t know what it is, but I enjoy watching other people clean their home, so I can get ideas on what to do in my home!

46. I’m right-handed.

47. I always hold on to my receipts.

48. One movie that I can always watch and it will never get old to me is The Color Purple.

49. I watched eight seasons of Shameless in a week.

50. This is my first blog!