St Patty’s Day Festival at Laurita Winery in New Egypt, New Jersey

It’s always a good time, whenever the family gets together and heads over to Laurita’s for one of their many festivals throughout the year! This festival was both the Winterfest and St Patty’s Day festival combined. They had the fire pits going, the band playing … it was just a good ole time!

This year’s festival had ice sculptures on display, wolf dogs from Howling Woods Farms in Jackson, New Jersey, and about a dozen food trucks to satisfy all of your food cravings!

The girls and I grabbed a couple of 9″ artisan pizzas from the Red Pizza Express and my husband opted for a couple of empanadas from the Empanada Guy. We were all pretty satisfied with our selections. After our meals, we headed over to the House of Cupcakes dessert truck to satisfy our sugar cravings!

These cupcakes from the House of Cupcakes in Princeton, New Jersey get two thumbs up from us! We tried the peanut butter cup, cookie dough, chocolate rage, and the cookies and cream cupcakes! Delicious!

We ended up not staying too long, it was too cold for the girls. But, it was great to get out and check everything out!

And, what do you know? Two of my favorites are up next and the weather should be much more bearable by then, so we’ll be able to really walk the grounds of Laurita’s and experience all that they have to offer!