About Me

As you should know by now, my name is Jennifer and this blog is going to be about relationships, career advice, encouragement, food, travel, and everything in between!

I’m a married, mother of two daughters, currently residing in beautiful, South Jersey. Our family also includes four fur babies – two cats, one guinea pig, and one, pretty cool rabbit that we picked up at an estate sale!

I’m a new blogger, but my plan is to empower others, by sharing parts of my home and life, places I’ve been and plan to visit, my latest estate sale/online auction finds, and so much more … Since I’m new, I honestly do not know which direction I want to go in, but I feel over time my “keyword” detector will let me know, which topics suit me best! But, I’m excited to share and grow in the blogging community!

I’m also a 2012 Mansfield University psychology graduate, spending many countless hours during the week assisting clients from all walks of life obtain various benefits to become more self-sufficient.

Things I love: my family, my fur babies, long car rides, summer vacation, crab trips to Baltimore, anything chocolate, hiking along scenic trails, hawks, photography, wine tastings and festivals, cleaning and organizing my home, and writing.